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Image by Taylor Van Riper





I created this blog mainly as a form of guidance for young aviators looking to pursue their dream as a Pilot. My ‘Aviator’ posts are a form of self-expression based on experiences I've encountered and endured during my time at flight school. The ‘News’ column depicts events that are happening in the industry and how these events have had an impact on aviation. The ‘Accident Files’ column showcases accidents that have occurred in the past. I do provide my own personal opinion, and with some posts that contain on-going investigations I try not to speculate until the final findings are released. All wider media data referred to has been referenced at the bottom of each post.


I understand that writing this blog may lead to minimal, if not zero views, but to be honest if it could make a difference to one individual, it would all be worth it. The upcoming posts will focus not only on flight training but also other aspects of life that many people go through but minimal people speak about. A wise man once said that one day “you should be who you needed when you were younger.”It was actually the main reason “Success Stories” came to my head in the first place. Showcasing pilots and also those inspiring the aviation industry may help someone who is lacking motivation or is struggling in some aspect of life.   


A strong part of me wanted to claim this blog as my own however I have chosen to anonymise myself by not using my own name.  Therefore, for now these posts will be anonymous. This made writing about my background a little difficult, checkout the “Private Pilot Here I Come” post under ‘Aviator,’ for some added details. But for now just sit back, relax and enjoy the content!

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