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Key Terms




PIC: Pilot In Command


PPL: Private Pilot License

VFR: Visual Flight Rules - Weather conditions that are generally ‘good,’ and ‘clear.’


IFR: Instrument Flight Rules - Limited weather conditions that are less than VFR minimums


VOR: A ground based navigational aid that allows pilots to fly point to point.


VMC: Visual Meteorological Conditions - Weather that adheres to VFR flight minimums.


IMC: Instrument Meteorological Conditions - Weather conditions that relate to IFR.


ILS: Instrument Landing System - Precision approach landing system that gives the pilot both lateral and vertical guidance in relation to the runway centreline. 


DME: Distance measuring equipment - A piece of equipment that measures ‘slant range’ for the pilot, also known as ‘DME Distance.’


ACS: Airmen Certification Standards - A criteria that pilots must adhere to for their checkride.


Checkride - Both, an oral and practical exam for pilots.


Flight Following: A term that pilots ask ATC for which allows ATC to monitor the aircraft's flight.


ATC: Air Traffic Control


FPM: Feet Per Minute


GPH: Gallons Per Hour


ETA: Estimated Time of Arrival


AGL: Height above earth's surface


MSL: Mean Sea Level


NTSB: National Transportation Safety Board

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