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Pilot Fernando: (FitAviatorsClub)

My name is Fernando Contreras. I am a Captain at Envoy Air, and founder of FITAVIATORSCLUB. I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and was raised there during my early childhood. My family and I had a blessed opportunity to move to the United States when I was eight, but my dream to become a pilot started way before that. Following the footsteps of my father, grandfather, and uncles I knew I wanted to be a pilot for as long as I can remember. Among the many toys, and decorations in my room, planes always fascinated me. Hearing my family talk about the art of flying, taking people from one place to another, the travel experiences, the responsibility, and making connections with others, made me want to pursue that very same feeling they talk about.

I have a mentality in which whatever I set out to do I want to be the best that I can in it. When the chance to finally start flight school came, I was more than stoked! I attended CTI Professional Flight Training in FXE, and had an unbelievable experience. I entered flight school with the huge advantage of knowing a lot of the material just because of what my father taught me. One of the major factors on why I had such a great experience at CTI was because they do a great job of pairing students with the right instructors according to personality. This is has a huge impact in your training because you want to learn from someone that can make things relatable to you, and that you can have a good student/instructor bond. This early stage of your flying career is important for painting the path of your pilot career.

Fast forward 6 years later, after instructing to get my hours and getting hired by Envoy Air, I am currently a captain based in Miami. I also created my company which led to a significant impact on social media. I created FITAVIATORSCLUB with one thing in mind; to improve the health of crew members in the aviation industry. After one year, the plans of FITAVIATORSCLUB are still in the early stages. My social media presence has impacted the lives of so many crew members, and that is what success for FITAVITORSCLUB means to me. This is just gradual success because the plans for this club are going to reach the next level in impacting massive amounts of crew members all around the world. You can see what it’s all about by following Fitaviatorsclub on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube, or visit

There’s a saying that goes “you will eventually become, what you often think you will become” and that is one of the most powerful quotes I’ve heard. The reason being is because almost everything I have thought about becoming since I was a young kid has became real both physically and emotionally. By constantly thinking of what you what to become you will develop curiosity and discipline to become what you are thinking of. If something feels like it’s too far fetched, don’t let it limit you. It just means you haven’t attained the possible resources to make it happen yet. But you will. The more you put into practice what you think about, the more chances of succeeding and more resources you’ll be exposed to. By resources I mean learning skills, making connections with others, and finding your deeper potential. All this won’t happen overnight. It takes time to really understand what you truly want, and what you’ll prioritize. I developed discipline in my teenage years and I believe that’s what has allowed me to be as successful as I am now, and what I have the potential of becoming.

My goal within the next 5 years is to have transitioned on to American Airlines, and hopefully be based in Miami as well. Also, to be a motivational speaker in the industry on how to maintain optimal health and focus while living the life of a crew member. Eventually, I’ll host my own seminars and be guest speaker at conventions nationally and internationally. It’s a very exciting and challenging future ahead, and I’m up for journey.

Thanks for reading a short description of this success story. I hope you enjoyed it!

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