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Pilot Ahmet:

My name is Ahmet Asoglu, and I am a Student Pilot. I was born in Şanlıurfa, Southeastern Turkey in 1997 and grew up in Şanlıurfa. My biggest dream was travelling around the world while in my early childhood (actually, I still have the same dream) and I thought the best way I can get nice salary while traveling around the world is if I can become a pilot. So, at that time, my first goal was not to become a pilot, my goal was just travelling around the world. But when I decided to become a pilot I realised that flying is more exciting than just travelling and so I fell in love with aviation.

After I graduated my high school, I moved to Istanbul and started my aviation school at a

university in this city. (Yes, Turkey has departments for being pilot at the universities). I’ve

studied for 4 years at aviation school. I got my PPL licence and now I am studying for my ATPL licence.

Being pilot is always hard (specially in Turkey). No one can say that’s an easy job to

become a commercial or student pilot. You have to work hard and never forget that you will

never stop working even if you become a captain in any airline company. Actually I had many problems in regard to becoming a pilot. Some days I thought I should just drop out my school and start in any other business, I thought this many times. But in the end, somehow I knew I couldn't drop out and I always studied more and more for my dreams.

Today, I live in Istanbul, Turkey. I am studying ATPL for being a commercial pilot. I am in the last year of my collage (it will end in a few months) and then i will become a commercial pilot in any company after my type rating. In the future, maybe in 10 years, I see myself on the captain seat in another part of the world. Who knows which part or which city. This is one of the best aspects of aviation. You can’t see your exact place or country in the future but you can be sure about that your journey will be one worth to live.

My advice to my younger self would be, follow your dreams and always take risks about your life.And don’t be too much stressed about your future life.

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