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Pilot Ehsan:

I was born in 1989 in Shiraz, Iran. When I was a child, I used to play with toy airplanes

more than any other toys, later in life I was piloting simple model aircraft such as a Glider. I

wanted to become a pilot since I was a little kid but didn’t know how? Nobody in

my family had any experience in aviation. After finishing elementary school, I

enrolled at a private school in the field of aviation. Back then there were such schools in

Iran in some cities including Shiraz.

When I was 16 i found out there was an aerodrome near Shiraz where you could fly on

gliders and get a license. I decided to start flying on a glider to experience real flight as

practice. My first solo flight was in June 2006 . After finishing high school I went to the army

which is mandatory for 2 years because of our countries regulations. After the army, it was

hard for my parents to help me financially join a flight school and I decided to major in jet

engine engineering and that's why I left Iran to go to Ukraine to study. At first I had to learn the Russian language to enter National Aviation University of Ukraine in Kiev. In 2015 I

graduated and decided to continue my masters degree in Germany. I got an

invitation from Stuttgart university and so left Ukraine. So I spent one more year to learn the German language and after passing the DaF test I started my first semester.

Every time I was traveling on airplanes I used to think about becoming an airline pilot. in

2017 I got the opportunity to start my journey of becoming a pilot and I returned back to

Ukraine to achieve this goal. I enrolled a flight school in Kiev and after 15 months I got my

ICAO ATPL frozen license from the Ukraine state aviation administration, after that I found an airline training program on the Boeing 737 classic and I had to get a type rating on that.

I got my type rating on B-737 classic in 2018 in Riga, Latvia. Then I started my line

training in an airline and after 100 hours flying on that type I was released as a First Officer and signed a contract with our airline in 2019 and i’m working with them till now.

I’m planning to get more experience so I can offered on the B-737NG or a Max in bigger companies and of course like any other First Officer I would like to become a captain in future.

The one and most important advice that I could give to future pilots is you have to be very motivated and prepared for such a profession because aviation is not a business for pilots , you just have to focus on your goal to get your dream job . Enjoy it when the weather is good and expect also bad weather during your career like this year . As every job has its own upsides and downsides.

Good luck in your Journey!


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Instagram : @pilot_ehsan 

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