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Pilot Emily:

Hello! My name is Emily Wilson. I am a 4 th generation pilot from Austin, Texas. I am currently a flight instructor at ATP in Mesa, Arizona. Although aviation does run in my family, I did not pursue aviation until recently (December 2019).

I graduated from Texas State University and worked a corporate job for two years. I was doing well at my job and making my way up the corporate ladder, but really had zero passion for what I was doing! I started thinking really hard about what brings me joy in life- that included traveling, seeing new places around the world, and most importantly, not sitting behind a cubicle for the rest of my life! I started exploring the idea of becoming a pilot. Shortly after, I quit my job to pursue an aviation career.

In 9 months, I received my Private Pilot License, Instrument Rating, Commercial Single Engine/Commercial Multi-Engine, and Certified Flight Instructor (single engine, multi engine and instrument). I am now teaching others how to fly, and enjoying every second of it!

Flight training was difficult, but so rewarding at the same time. There were times where I doubted myself throughout training, but I continued to work hard and trust the process, and everything always did come together. It’s amazing how we can truly accomplish anything we set our minds to!

Currently, I am enjoying building time as a flight instructor. I hope to eventually work for a major airline one day. In the meantime, I hope to inspire other females to follow their dreams and believe in themselves!

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