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Pilot Evaishka:

Hello everyone! My name is Evaishka Tyagi (pilot.tyagi). I was born and raised in an army family, my father being an army officer. While growing up I shifted through 10 different cities/ schools ranging from as backward as Kargil to as metropolitan as Pune. I have an elder brother who is also a pilot and I grew up watching him traveling around the whole world, doing what he loves the most- flying! It was always a dream for me since then to have as adventurous lifestyle as his. Since I shifted so frequently during my growing up days that it became a challenge for me to just stay at one place for more than couple of years and live a boring life in very predictable surroundings, do a 9 to 5 Job, that’s just not my cup of tea!!

I always wanted to do something extraordinary, something that would let me see the whole world, travel around the globe.

I always found flying fascinating and was really interested in it growing up. The main reason behind choosing this career for me was the love for flying. The moment I took off on that first flight that I did, I knew this is certainly what I always wanted to do. It was beautiful, the feeling was something which is hard to explain and incidentally it also is the perfect job for those who love travelling ! Probably tailor made for a person like me.

I got my flying license from a Flight School in central Florida. Luckily the instructors I had were literally amazing! I am so greatful to have learned how to fly from them. They were always very patient with teaching and were very understanding, which I think is a very important quality for an instructor to have, as it’s near impossible to learn flying under pressure!

One thing I was really scared of before I started flight training was doing a solo flight! I was very scared and apprehensive of the same. Apparently this is something a lot of flight students are scared of, but let me make this clear......... the moment my instructor released me for my solo, I was so happy that I almost cried! It was one of the best feelings in the world. I never thought that it would be like that, I thought I’d be scared and nervous, but it was surprisingly the opposite of that.

Currently I have my private pilots license and am working towards my commercial from a flight school in South Florida. I personally do want to work as an airline pilot but only for a while and I plan to set up a Flight School in my country (India) and am working towards it. I firmly believe that there is lot of potential for a flight school to do well in India provided there’s good quality flight training and which is duly backed up with well maintained trainer aircrafts. My main motive will be to provide good quality flight training to future aviators at a very affordable price. Presently I also am a foreign studies consultant with BORN2AVIATE wherein I do work with various students and provide consultancy services to them covering various aspects like where all they can do their flight training , depending on the current prevailing situation in various countries under the very fluid scenario of COVID times and analyzing the prospects of job market in India for their eventual employment.

One advice I would give to my younger self...Would be that growing up I was never very good with academics, I was told by a lot of people that I’d never make it in as a pilot, I would not be able to fly, I wouldn’t be able to clear any exams etc: all I have to say is that, I did, and everyone can. If you put in effort nothing is impossible! So this is something i wouldn’t tell only to my younger self but also other future aviators, be absolutely honest with your passion and once identified you must pursue it relentlessly with absolute sincerity to achieve your respective ultimate goals and if someone tries to tell you that you ‘can’t do it’ that’s the universe telling you you very well can! So keep going!

If anyone has any questions feel free to message me @pilot.tyagi !

Happy landings to all.

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