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Pilot Ganso:

I was born in Brasilia-DC, 14th of April 1983, and I am the youngest of three. I have an elder sister, Larissa who is 45 who she is anesthesiologist, and an older brother João who is 43. He is a captain and flight standard in GOL Airlines. My parents João and Jussara and my whole family are from Porto Alegre, the southern capital in Brazil. I was born in Brasilia, because at that time my father was captain and fleet manager of B727 at Transbrasil Airlines.

In 1986 he got a fleet transfer to Boeing-767. In 1990 we all move back to Porto Alegre, where we stayed. My love for aviation started very early when I was around 4 years old, when I used to fly with my dad in his own plane or during his commercial flights

in the flight deck with him. 

Having a father and a brother as a pilots, I think that helped me a lot during my flight training. I don’t remember a particular aspect I struggled with but I remember when I started to get my instrument license. When I was doing VOR’s and NDB’s procedures, that was something I really had to study and do some flights on flight simulator to save money and time during a real flight.

I think that each phase during the whole process to become a pilot has particular characteristics, for example, I started flying gliders, so at this time, you are learning the very basics about how to fly and the glider, the controls are very sensitive so you need to be very gentle and use it right.

It’s been 2 years since I've been flying the Boeing-777 for a Middle Eastern company, I don’t think about moving from here until my retirement. I flew 10 years in Brazil, 2 years flying turboprop aircraft in my home town, 8 as a B737NG First Officer, then I move to Dubai where I flew B737NG for almost 1 year.

I know that the situation right now is not the best at all but, if it’s your dream to become a pilot, don’t give up... communicate as much as you can with pilots, all kind of topics, to know if is this what you want to do... One piece of advice and please, don’t take it the wrong way but most people think that is an easy profession, it can be, if you know how to balance family, friends, holidays and weekends... lots of things that a person who works

during business days/ hours are used to having, we commercial pilots,


Thankyou for reading my story.

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