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Hello fellow aviators!

My name is Ignacio, (@Igdelorenzo) born and raised in Madrid, Spain. Let me start by telling you that aviation has been in my blood since I was born, as both grandparents being pilots, uncles, cousins and even mom being cabin crew.

Apparently, I made my mind to pursuit my dream of being a pilot when I was 4 years old, on

a flight to New York with my grandad as the Captain. After spending the entire flight on the

flight deck of that B747-200, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I´m sure you guys feel or have felt this at some point…

In 2008 just a few days after my 20th birthday, I started my pilot training in Naples, Florida. I enrolled myself in a JAA & FAA training program in order to get both European and

American licenses, to have better chances in getting a job.

The training itself wasn´t hard, but again I was committed to a 100%,

It was March 2010 when I completed my MCC. Many of you may remember how hard was

to land a pilot job on those years, but I decided I wasn´t going to wait for it, I was committed

to go and get it by myself. So, in May, I took a tent, sleeping bag and big backpack and flew to Johannesburg (South Africa), and started my pursuit to become a bush pilot.

Just a few weeks after my arrival in Johannesburg and after passing by Botswana, I was

given my first pilot job as a “bush pilot” in Namibia, where I flew close to 400 hours in a

year, and let me tell you, those where the best and most enjoyable flight hours of my life.

As I was coming to a year in the company, I was called by the largest B737-800 operator in

Europe (Ryanair), getting based in Faro (Portugal), where I started what today is my other

passion, Surfing.

A few months after I turned 26 years old, I got my command, and spent another 3 years in

the Canary Islands, doing what I love the most, flying and surfing. In November 2017 I

changed company, and since then I´m flying for Norwegian.

Looking back at my “story”, it may look that everything went extremely well. I won´t

disagree of course, but I can guarantee you the great effort there is behind it and the

passion and love I put into it. After 10 years working commercially and almost 6 as a captain on the B737-800, I still love flying as the first day, and still today I don’t see it as a job, I see it as a hobby.

So, my advice for you guys, if you have this enthusiasm and love for aviation and you are

sure you are going to give your 100%, is simply GO FOR IT! But understand that is not going to be easy, especially now after the COVID-19. So, for that reason you will train and study to be top of your class. That was my mindset, and it worked.

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