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Pilot Jack:

I was born in Encinitas, California. A small surfy town in northern San Diego. I grew up playing all sorts of sports and ended up playing lacrosse in college. I originally wanted to go to medical school, but during college realized what a great life my Dad has from flying. I have 6 pilots in my family. My grandpa, two uncles, two aunts, and my dad. Both my uncles were Top Gun instructors and one went on to be a Blue Angel.

So I was always influenced by aviation but didn’t realize until college that it was what I wanted to do for a career. So far I have my private license and my instrument rating. I’m working on my commercial currently. A challenge I faced was the speed of my school I chose to do my training with. They don’t care if you don’t feel ready they make you take the check ride anyway. I know kids with multiple failures in my school which is brutal.

My dream is to fly international for a major airline. In 10 years hopefully I will be doing exactly that with some awesome routes.

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