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Pilot Laura

Hey everyone!

My name is Laura, and I was born down on the south coast of England. I always had a huge interest in travel and found myself with the urge to experience new things, so I left the UK at the baby age of 17. My adventures took me across Europe, Africa, parts of the Middle East before I ultimately settled in the US in 2016 and put myself through college. It was around this time that I began thinking about my future. I knew I wanted a career that would both stimulate and challenge me, that incorporated my love of travel, and eventually that led to my interest in aviation.

I took my discovery flight in September 2020. I had zero experience and I had never been inside of a small airplane. 15 weeks later, I achieved my Private Pilot's Licence. I loved every second of flight training and I was totally hooked. 3 weeks later, I bought a PA-28 Piper Warrior. Now, I am also Instrument Rated and I am about to take my Commercial checkride. For me, training has been a thrill. Every day that I am not flying, I am studying. I am constantly learning new things, watching YouTube videos, reading NTSB reports etc. When you love something, I think you find satisfaction in every part of it. I have fully immersed myself in aviation and I believe that's why I will be successful.

I want to show others that it is an achievable dream. I don't have family members in aviation and I did it. I didn't even grow up in this country and knew nobody when I moved here, and I did it. I am not wealthy, nor did I secure scholarships and loans, but I did it. You may face obstacles and you may compare your journey to others, but just remember that each person's path will be different.

I don't really have a dream goal for where I will end up yet... I'm just enjoying the journey too much and taking every opportunity I can find! This is my chosen career path, and ultimately I want to be earning money while I fly. But will that be in a Boeing 747 or a Carbon Cub on floats? Who knows. All I hope to do is to still be surrounded by individuals who inspire me to keep pushing myself to be the best pilot I can be!

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