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Pilot Lavanya:

Hi everyone!

My name is Lavanya Joshi. I’m 21 years old and I’m from India (Delhi). I have always dreamt of becoming a pilot since my childhood days as the magnificent skies and massive planes have always fascinated me in an amazing way. I belong to a business background and I’m the first one to be a pilot in my family which has always made me feel so confident and content.

After completing my senior secondary schooling, I couldn’t wait to start off my career as a pilot, so I straight away started with my ground classes and cracked the Indian CPL examinations. Also, simultaneously I got my medicals done and starting looking for flying schools to enroll for the same. Soon after I came through a Cadet Pilot Programme of Indigo Airlines affiliated with Flight Training Adelaide, Australia. So I cleared the entrance examinations, psychometric test, group discussion and the personal interview with the airline and got myself through the cadet course. Soon after I signed my LOI with the airline and few months later I flew to Australia for my training in April 2019.

Coming to my flight training- I had my first ever solo flight on 6th July 2019 and I reckon it was the best feeling ever. For some time then I was building up my flying hours for the Private Pilot’s License and Commercial Pilot’s License. The journey wasn’t easy at all, having ups & downs. Some days I had bad flights but it was totally worth it because everyday I used to learn something new and I always learnt from my own mistakes. Each day was a new experience, and it got me one step closer to my dream, day by day. After putting in all my hard work and passion, I finally got my CPL in the month of February 2020 and two months later I got Instrument Rated in April 2020.

I had to return back home to India just after completing my IR to get my Australian CPL converted to Indian CPL which got delayed because of Covid-19 spreading all over the world. I had to travel back in the special repatriation flight from Adelaide to Sydney to India and was quarantined then for another 15 days back in my country.

Forwarding few months from then in between the pandemic, in August 2020, I had to do some extra flying at a flying school in Madhya Pradesh, India (Chimes Aviation Academy) since some of my night flying hours got expired and I had to fly the Cessna to meet the requirements for the Indian Commercial Pilot’s Licence.Finally I submitted all my documents in September 2020 for the same. Soon I received my dream License in November 2020 and I completed 260 hours of flying.

I’m waiting to get Type-Rated on the Airbus-A320 currently. Because of the horrific effect of Coronavirus all over the world, the traveling of people has reduced immensely. India has also been hit by the pandemic vigorously, hence I’m waiting for my type-rating. Hoping the aviation industry blooms brighter than ever, soon! And I hope to see myself in the beautiful skies in the coming months to begin a new journey called ‘flight’.

*For me sky has never been the limit, sky is home. Let all your dreams and passion take flight. *

This is my story and it continues..

If you’ve any questions, you’re most welcome to DM me on my Instagram : @LavanyaJoshii

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