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Pilot Lexie:

“Hello Friends! My name is Lexie Wilson. I am from Austin, Texas! Aviation has always been a part of my life. It started with my Great Grandfather who was in the U.S Army. My Grandfather was a combat pilot in World War II and went on to complete a long aviation career. My Father enjoyed a wonderful career as a pilot with Federal Express. Then there is me, the fourth generation!

I did not begin my aviation journey until I was 24 years old. I graduated College with a Bachelors in Psychology and minored Health Care Administration. I began working in the corporate world for two years. Something about working behind a desk never fully satisfied me. I knew there was more in store, I just did not quite know what that might be. After spending time talking to my dad, and even getting to fly with him in the cockpit of the MD-10, I realized I might have an interest in aviation. Shortly after this, I resigned from my corporate job and invested my savings in obtaining my Private Pilot License. After completing my PPL, I made the decision that flying was not going to be a hobby, it would become my career goal! As of today, I have gone from Private pilot to Multi Engine Instructor in only 7 short months. I am currently a flight instructor for ATP flight school where I did all of my training at. I have a very rewarding job and it is a great feeling to pass on my knowledge to other fellow aviators. As a female, I hope to be an example to women of all ages. I know pursuing a career in aviation is not out of reach and is a worthy goal. I want to continue to inspire young females around the world to follow their dreams. My ultimate goal is to fly for a major airline. For anyone just starting out their training, my advice would be to KEEP GOING! This field is not an easy one, but there are days you will look outside the window while you are flying the plane, and remember why you started. It's important to celebrate the wins, even the small ones. Find a community of people who support you, stay dedicated, always be kind, and never give up!"

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