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Pilot Lou

Hello everybody, my name is Lou Navahra, I’m a student pilot. I grew up in Belgium, in Brussels, the capital of Europe. 

When I was little I loved watching planes take off so my mom would take me to see them at the airport. After each take off, I was applauding the planes. It was an activity that I never got tired of. It's funny and it means so much today. My parents introduced me to a friend's son, Jonathan, who is an airline pilot. They knew I was interested in flying but I had no self-confidence. Jon and I became friends and he offered to fly with him as a co-pilot. Those flying hours made me want to continue: I knew it was for me. I started flying before I even learned to drive.

I took theoretical courses in a Brussels aviation school "Air Academy New Cag" in order to become a private pilot or an airline pilot.  I’m still hesitating to be honest haha! As I was young and these studies were quite expensive, I decided to take a break and to learn English in London, to save money, to grow artistically... I also write screenplays and I’am an actress.  I did three years of theater and cinema internships. It is my second passion. My biggest challenge was believing in my dreams. I live an atypical life as I do unusual activities. I've always known I need a lifetime of adventure. But I prefer taking risks and do what I love. In 10 years, I can see myself being happy because I know that I am making the right decisions today.

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