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Pilot Marie:

Hi everyone,

My name is Marie, I am a student pilot at CAE. I studied space engineering in Paris,

France and worked 2 years as an aerospace engineer in Madrid, Spain. I designed

mechanical boxes for rockets and satellites as well as mechanical systems on an

electrical aircraft.I always dreamed to be a pilot but I preferred to have a degree before entering a flight school.

I am passionate about mechanical sports in general. I drive motorbikes since I was 16

and have my own since then. I also volunteer at the Automobile Club of Monaco as a

track marshal since 2015 for Formula 1, F2, Porsche Cup and Formula Renault at the

Grand Prix de Monaco.

I travelled a lot since I was very young. I have been in America, China, North Africa and

all around Europe with my family. When I grew up I started to travel with my friends

again all around Europe and especially in Spain where I lived 3 years. So I always

travelled and that is part of me, to move around and discover new places.

I then started my flight training in integrated with CAE as an airline cadet pilot. Ground

school was meant to be 7 months; actually it took a bit more to do the EASAs exams

(because of lockdowns and travel restrictions). So I started ground school in Madrid in

August 2019 and met a lot of new people. Ground school is pretty intense and needs

hard work but it is worth it. I was able to finish my last exams not so long time ago and I

really feel relieved now I did it (all 14).

Now I am enjoying some free time at home and I am looking forward to start the

Commercial Pilot License in Phoenix, Arizona – which should start early January 2021

(fingers crossed).

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