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Pilot Marta:

Some people know their vocation very early on in life and that is great, but their are also people who discover what makes them happy a little a little later and that's okay too. I was born in Yecla, a small city in Murcia, Spain with no airport. I never met anyone who worked in aviation there.

I began to feel attracted to the aviation industry when I moved to California in the USA to study English in Santa Barbara for a year, that experience fueled me to take my cabin crew course in Alicante upon returning back home. One month later, I found a cabin crew job for a wonderful company from Norway. After one year I was promoted to Senior Cabin Crew, and another year later I was promoted again to Cabin Crew Supervisor in the training department.

I was very happy with my position but something inside me asked for more. At that time pilot school opened in the place I live (Alicante), so I decided to start the 'Integrated Course,' in this flight school to become an airline pilot and of course I had to continue flying as Cabin Crew to pay for my studies. It was crazy but well worth it.

Two and a half years later, I finished my 'Commercial Pilot License.' Five months after that I got a job as a 'Cadet First Officer,' for a Spanish company, so I left my job as Cabin Crew in December 2019 and started my type rating course in January 2020. After finishing the type rating I did my first flight in an Airbus 320 on March 4th. Unfortunately, the Covid pandemic struck soon after.

While waiting to be called for flying I have started working as a theory teacher in the best cabin crew school in Alicante. I cannot wait to be called and continue my career in the sky, but I am also really enjoying this stage as a theory teacher!

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