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Pilot Naya:

Hi everyone, my name is Naya Khankan known as Pilot aya in aviation. I’m born and raised in Denmark and I’m the youngest member of a family consisting of father, mother and a big sister.

I was not thinking about becoming a pilot until later. I have secretly always been affected by aviation, to be above the ground, the imagined adventure, and to be above the sky. So, my first thought was to become an astronaut. That did not happen, but during my time in high school I was lucky enough to have a close friend that had a dad in the aviation field - he was a captain. I got the opportunity to join him at work flying from country to country, fly small aircraft's with his family which fulfilled my desire and since that I wanted to become a pilot.

I finished high school and went to the University where I got a degree in Landscape Architect & Urban Design, but my passion and desire for flying were stronger. Therefor straight after the university, I went to the Pilot Academy where I got accepted and my flight training started.

I graduated as a Commercial Pilot and then joined The Air Force Home Guard. I was working with SAR, search and rescue, securing airports, aerial environmental patrols of national waters, reporting enemy air, ground, and water activity. In the meantime, I was studying to become a flight instructor.

In any profession and studies, there is challenging. My challenge was my shyness. I was very shy to ask for help from any of my teachers or colleagues in the academy, I did not like to be asked in class and give answer in front of all or be the one to go up to the whiteboard and explain in front of others. Unfortunately, this made my teachers and colleagues understand me wrong that I’m not qualified to be in this place, I’m not good enough for aviation and I will not make it. But I proofed everyone wrong and succeeded.

Today I’m a commercial pilot and flight instructor with different ratings.

So, my advice to everyone, go after your dream and don’t let anybody stop you or say you can’t.

Thank you for reading my story.

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