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Pilot Ryan:

Hi everyone!

I am one of the top pilots and Instagram influencers in the world! I have 10,000+ flight hours in Cessnas, Bombardiers, Gulfstreams, to name a few... Furthermore I've traveled around the world many times over!!!

My name is Ryan Tseko and this is my next level story with aviation. I have been flying for 18 years, and have loved every flight hour. It’s not just a job for me, it’s who I am. I started flying when I was 18 years old. Honestly, I did it because I wasn’t good at anything else.  Aviation is a drug… And I am for sure addicted.

Falling in Love with Aviation 

My first LOVE… Aviation! I was introduced to aviation by my uncle. He was my mentor through it all. He always wanted to be a pilot, but scared himself away from the profession as a young man when he couldn’t find the intended airport on one of his early training flights.  He was re-inspired when I was 18, and bought a Cessna 175. We began flying every weekend out of Mesa, AZ and the $100.00 hamburger became a normal thing for us. 

During one of our flights I looked at him and asked “I can get paid to do this”? YES!!! I was sold, and knew exactly what I was going to do.

I went all in once I decided to be a pilot! I joined a 141-flight school that was very similar to ATP. I loved it so much I was either flying or doing ground school twice a day. I completed all of my ratings from private to CFII within 1.5 years, then started instructing to build flight time.

I got hired at United Express out of St. Louis, Missouri flying the CRJ 700 when I was 21. I spent two years as a first officer there. I gained an immense amount of experience during that time flying with the top pilots. I learned the processes, procedures, and the proper way to carry myself as a professional pilot. The amount of knowledge and experience I gained during those two years was invaluable.  I was 23 when I was upgraded to Captain, and that’s still one of the best days of my life. Two years later, I became a check airman and simulator instructor.  I ended up accumulating over 7,500 hours during my nine years flying for the airlines. 

I loved flying for the airlines, but wanted to try something new. I decided to go corporate :) 

Now I’m the lead captain for Grant Cardone based out of Miami, FL. I get to fly one of the most impressive aircrafts ever built, the $48 million Gulfstream G550. I’ve got the best windows on the ramp sitting in the cockpit of that private jet. The G550 is an absolute beast! It carries 14 passengers, has a max flight time of 14 hours, and can fly as high as 51,000 feet. I am living the ultimate pilot’s dream! … First Class all the way.

In regards to the future I will always be a pilot! Aviation has opened up many doors for me, and provided so many great opportunities. I’m the lead captain in my current role, but I also work with the owner, Grant Cardone, in his real estate company.  I’ve always loved real estate, so, in my view, it’s the best of both worlds. To keep it simple. Aviation isn’t just a thing you do but it is also a connector for the people who you want to be around. Aviation has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I hope it does the same for you. Keep the dirty side down.

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