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Pilot Ethan:

Hi, my name is Ethan some know me as Aviator_Ethan on Instagram and other social media. I was born and raised in northeast Ohio, USA. I am very blessed to have grown up in a family of aviators. Both my grandfathers, an uncle and a cousin are private pilots, one of my uncles is an airline pilot and the other is a stunt pilot. So it can be easy to see how I caught the 'flying bug' early on.

When I was nine years old, I went up with my grandfather in his Kitfox aircraft and I absolutely loved it, ever since that day I have wanted to become a pilot. On summer days I look forward going flying with my grandfather in his Zenith aircraft and my uncle in his Bonanza. I really enjoy attending air shows and watching the Air Force Thunderbirds and the Navy Blue Angels.

Currently, I am training to get my PPL with my awesome uncle (the stunt pilot). An obstacle I have faced learning to fly would be studying the large sum of information needed to operate a plane correctly and safely, for me though the complex topics are so interesting and fascinating that I enjoy learning about them.

Currently I’m planning on becoming an airline pilot in the near future, but with the variety of careers open in this industry I'll have to see where the journey takes me. I started my Instagram account about a year ago now, posting pictures of myself flying, and some funny aviation related memes to have a laugh.

I somehow got over 10,000 followers (thank you guys so much!!) If you are considering becoming a pilot, I would highly recommend you go for it because flying is awesome and you can't compare it to anything else.

Also, I just wanted to say a massive thank-you to my instructor for teaching me everything in the air! He is known as '@pittsneagles' on Instagram, I appreciate you teaching me how to fly. I would also like to thank my airline mentor who goes by '@jetpilot1957' on Instagram.


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Instagram: Aviator_Ethan.

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