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Pilot Kristy

Hi everyone! My name is Kristy Mair. I was born in Toronto, Canada and I became fascinated with airplanes at a young age. My father and both grandfathers hold commercial pilot licenses and own a small aircraft. Growing up, I contemplated careers such as flight attendant, air traffic controller, or travel agent, but oddly enough, I never considered becoming a pilot.

Although aviation was undoubtedly in my blood, I ultimately chose to complete a business degree at the University of Guelph. I graduated with a major in Hotel and Food Administration and was headed towards a career in Hospitality. However, two weeks after graduation, something special happened that changed the course of my life. My father had recently finished building a Vans RV-6 experimental aircraft and took me flying. I was so inspired! It was on this flight that I “caught the bug”, as they say, and made the decision to pursue a career as a pilot. I never looked back. In that moment, I knew I had found my passion - and it was right in front of me the whole time!

Interestingly, my grandfather and I had the surprise of our lives when I showed him my first logged hours, and to both of our amazement, the very first airplane I flew had the exact same call sign (C-GFAX) as the first airplane he flew!! Back then, the call sign belonged to a Piper Cub. Nowadays, it belongs to a Cessna 150. Also, we both started our training in the same month (July), just 38 years apart! Call it fate, destiny, or whatever you'd like... this newfound journey was definitely meant to be.

My father and I now own a Cessna 150 which I used to complete my Commercial Pilot License. I have my Multi-engine rating which I completed on a Piper Seminole and I'm only a few flights away from finishing my IFR rating. Unfortunately, COVID-19 shut down my flight school right before I was able to do my flight test. But once this is all over, I'll be able to quickly complete it and begin searching for that first flying gig! My goal is to eventually fly for the airlines, but in the meantime, I'm open to just about any type of flying. We'll see where the road (or in this case the sky ;)) takes me!

A little about me outside of flying? I enjoy spending time with family, anything to do with the outdoors, food, working out (mainly running and weight lifting) and traveling. I am a huge animal lover and have a 5 year old Labradoodle named Kylie (who loves to come on flights!) My goals in the future are to learn Spanish, climb a mountain, run a marathon, become a certified diver and swim up close with sharks!

I continually strive to be a positive role model for youth and inspire them to enter into the aviation industry. I believe in helping, encouraging and supporting others to achieve their goals, which is why I've joined organizations who share a similar vision and mission. I am the Chapter Secretary and Communications Manager for the "Waterloo on the Grand" Ninety Nines female pilot organization (@wotg_99s), and on the Junior Board of Directors for the Northern Lights Aero Foundation (@northernlightsaero). I am very grateful for the opportunities and sense of community provided by groups like these.

I enjoy mentoring and sharing my love of aviation with others, so if you've read this far and you'd like to follow along on my journey, feel free to check out my page on Instagram @pilot.kristylynne. I would love to connect with you, answer your questions, hear all about YOUR journey in aviation, or help you to get started if you haven't yet begun! Thanks so much for reading, I hope to speak with you soon :)

Blue skies,



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Instagram: Pilot.kristylynne

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