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Pilot Myron:

"Hello Everyone ! My name is Myron. I’m from Africa and Caribbean but I was born in France. After studying a professional Baccalaureate, I continued with a Bachelor degree network systems and finally I finished with a Master's degree management information systems.

During this Master’s degree I studied for my Private Pilot licence and after all of that I worked as an IT Security Consultant for a year, until I could finally start my flight training at FlyBy Aviation Academy at the end of 2019. I see some of you may ask the question:

"Why did you undertake studies that have nothing to do with aeronautics, and did not start directly with your dream of becoming an airline pilot?" The answer is as follows; a pilot always has a plan B, moreover my studies were on a paid internship. My advice to all of you is to get a degree, the better the education, the more prepared you will be.

Currently, I have my PPL, I’m continuing my time-building and I have successfully completed half of the theoretical ATPL. Unfortunately, since the COVID-19 pandemic, my training is on standby like the majority of student pilots. This training is very demanding, that's why you have to work continuously. When you’re flying things happen that may cause you to get scared which is normal as we are all human. In aviation it is "Safety First". In order to respect this, have a safe meteorological mindset, know your limits before you enter the aircraft. This applies to winds, ceiling and visibility, the plane you choose to fly and everything else. Don't underestimate risk and above all if you don’t know something just ask ; a good pilot is always learning.

My dream goal, as you probably know is to become an airline pilot for a great airline! However, the current situation due to COVID-19 leaves us all with an uncertain future. Maybe I will be a First Officer at Air France, or in business aviation or even a flight instructor or anything else. Who knows? Keep positive!

Feel free to check out my instagram page @pilotmyron and my website There, you can find all the answers to your questions, otherwise you can simply contact me directly.

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