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Pilot Adam: My Story

Hello Pilots and Future Pilots!

My name is Adam, alias @thedutchpilot on social media, and I hold the position of First Officer on the Dash 8 Q400 for WestJet Encore.

Passion is a powerful medicine. As a child, I was aware of pilots and the aviation world, but never looked at it as a probable or even obtainable career, presumably due to the lack of available information at the time. The fascination with flight and those that conquered the air, would however soon prevail, and lead me to a journey of perseverance and passion.

Prior to working as a pilot, I completed a Journeyman’s Certificate as a Tradesman, and worked in the Canadian Oil & Gas industry for six years. Although this career was rewarding in its own way, it did not come close to duplicating the satisfaction and fulfillment aviation provided. It wasn’t until the age of 24 that I started my training and soon discovered the incredible perspective that developed while being immersed in something that I loved.

For me, flying can be exciting, challenging, therapeutic, and humbling all in one. One of the biggest obstacles I faced, along with many pilots, is the financial aspect to training. Undoubtedly, it will present itself as a potential hardship for most, as it did I, but should be viewed as just that. The time invested to complete the various licenses and ratings, or even the first solo can be substantial as well. By continuously setting goals, however small, progression can be made.

Opting to fund myself through part-time education, it was four years later; and I was qualified and hired for my first job in aviation as a Flight Instructor. Spending almost two years teaching, I gained not only experience and proficient knowledge, but developed leadership skills and discipline, essential to the ever-dynamic aviation industry. Continuing to maintain the challenge with studying and persistence, the opportunity would present itself, and I was privileged in accepting the position with WestJet Encore.

A fundamental role as pilot, is maintaining your status of a “student pilot”. As the industry changes before our eyes with technology, innovation and rules; we must continue to accrue knowledge and set goals. Through passion and excitement for flight I see myself applying my talents and dedication to the profession in the airline sector for decades to come.


Pilot Adam has a large Instagram presence, go check out his great content!

Instagram: @thedutchpilot

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