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Pilot Alba:

My name is Alba and I am an aviation enthusiast currently flying as a First Officer on board the Boeing 737 airplane.

As a child I wanted to become an astronaut but when I grew up, my parents and I used to go watch planes take off and land at the Airport in Barcelona, so when I turned 9 years old, I decided I was going to be a pilot and nothing would stop me. A world that seemed so exclusive and unattainable, even more for a girl, became a goal I was driven to accomplish.

When I finished High School there was nothing I wanted to do other than start studying at the Flight School as soon as possible. After visiting many schools I started my training at CESDA (Centro de Estudios Superiores de la Aviación), it’s an Aviation University providing an Airline Management Degree in combination with the Pilot License in Reus (Spain). I did an integrated course during 4 years and I remember struggling the most with Flight Planning (because so many numbers) and Air Law. But I was convinced to do them so I made the extra effort to learn those subjects and felt more secure about myself.

My favourite part, as you can imagine, were the flying hours and the views from the plane.

It is much more fun to fly small planes, believe me! However, when I finished flight school, the world was under a big recession (around 2011) and there was no work for low experienced pilots, only some Pay To Fly programs in Ghana, Maldives or Vietnam that I was not able to afford. So, when my father showed me an advertisement about a Qatar Airways Open Day for Cabin Crew, I didn’t hesitate to go.

Travelling the world whilst being able to learn other aspects of aviation was an amazing deal. I lived in Doha over 2 years and I moved to Dubai, to work as a Cabin Crew with Emirates, because I felt my journey in the Middle East was not yet over. I was so happy and enjoyed it so much that I stayed 4 more years. When I realized the job was starting to be less fun and my body was tired of the unstable schedules I resigned even though I did not yet have a plan. Luckily after a couple of months I passed an Interview with a popular Low Cost airline and started a Type Rating on their aircraft.

So many times I had imagined how my first flight with passengers was going be. On that day, I was so stressed I can barely remember. I do remember one thing though, the feeling of a 9 year old girl who had thought so many times she was never going to make it, making it, setting an example to others, the feeling of fulfillment. So difficult to put down in words.

Apart from flying I have other aspirations, I am vegan and an animal rights activist with goals to achieve. Therefore in the future I see myself still fighting for a better world, a compassionate world towards animals, helping others achieve their dreams, encouraging women to get rid of prejudices and helping them from doing what they are passionate about.

Thank you so much for reading my story, I hope it can be an inspiration to others.


Pilot Alba has amassed a large social media following. Check out her great content! She also has a new website coming soon so be sure to follow her so you can receive updates as needed.

Instagram: Pilotalba

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